Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So I have a pretty great job. Well, I technically don't have a job because it's just volunteering but you have to tell people something when they ask you what you're doing with your life (since saying "I don't have a job" turns you into a non-person and suddenly no one takes you seriously) SO I work at the Art Museum which means:

  1. I get to read books all day since not too many people care about art in Boise (unless it deals with BSU football...go broncos)
  2. The people that do visit are usually older, out-of-towners, and are fascinated by this little gem Boise, Idaho and ask questions like "So, should we visit Meridian?" (This is probably only funny if you live here)
  3. I sit next to this huge window by the park which makes me even more excited for autumn because I'll get to see all the leaves change.
  4. Old ladies offer me homemade gingersnaps (and if you know me you know how much I LOVE cookies)
  5. I have a box of freshly sharpened pencils within arm's length at all times (and if you know me even better you know I love sharpened pencils almost more than cookies)
  6. Did I mention I get to read books ALL DAY?

One of our featured artists right now (whose work I've fallen in love with): Devorah Sperber. Check her out; her stuff is so overwhelming in person and kind of makes me mad I didn't think of it first.

She takes images of famous paintings and makes them super-pixelated. Then she takes all different colored spools of thread to represent each pixel and strings them on aluminum strands to hang from the ceiling making a larger-than-life, upside-down image fo the painting with each spool corresponding to each pixel. Then she puts a lens on a stand in front of the massive spool masterpiece and suddenly you have a mini image of the painting right side up. Clever.

It's super hard to explain so you should probably just look.


  1. That thread spool art is incredible. What a perfect job for you. I love the thought of it.

  2. That is genis! I love artist who offer a fresh view of something old. I want your job! In fact I have been thinking about doing that now that I'm a college drop out.

  3. let's visit eagle after meridian. i laughed out loud.

  4. one more thought: i just looked at devorah sperber's work. my gosh. what strikes me interesting is that you have to look through something else in order to make sense of it. how do we access art? especially the masterpieces. do we have to look through some other medium (that usually must distort it) for it to come into proportion/focus/understanding in our minds?

  5. just stumbled accross your blog, and i am jealous you work at a museum, and i am obsessed with this artist, and wwish to see some of your art