Wednesday, March 7, 2012

musing to muse

note: i moved about a year ago and decided to live without the internet at my home. very cleansing. however, recently i received a calling in my ward in which having the internet would make life much easier so i decided to plunge back in. and it's good to be back.

really brief update on the past year:

so much.
i am mostly a private person. (still)
i got published again.
i started painting again. and again.
i've become obsessed with synesthesia. and francis bacon.--more on both of these later
for the record: i don't like bacon (the food not the artist).
i've re-felt emotions i thought i'd forgotten and they've come back deeper and better.
i've become exposed to so many new situations.
i can be described as a professional which i'm not sure i'm happy about yet.
i can also be described as a sailor which i am happy about.
i finally have a claw-foot tub.
i do not know that my emotions are for you to hear. (still conflicted about having a blog)
and i am blond. you wouldn't believe how friendly strangers are to me now.

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