Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I have a crush on my job.

You know Plato's cave allegory? I think that's what I have been experiencing this past month and a half--the part where you get out of the cave and realize where you've been.

I quit my job at the museum. Because I have a new job where I am appreciated and am allowed to grow and embrace who I am. Suddenly I've become much  more confident in myself, my ambitions and style. And happier. so. much. happier. 

Great things are taking shape at my new job and hopefully I'll be exactly where I want to be at this time in my life in a few weeks. 

Who knew you could actually feel wanted, appreciated and special where you work? I thought being under-utilized was the norm. 


Also, I've made a goal to take more pictures 
but this will not happen until I can afford the coveted iphone...
Soooo until then here's a picture of me and Ryan on our trip to the Oregon Coast.

we're real winners.


  1. you deserve to feel appreciated and any place/person is lucky to have you and your talents. I want to hear more about the job--where, what are you doing, etc ?

    let's talk about your hair. bloooonde? you're a babe. more pictures please.

  2. k. first off, congrats on the new job. shauna told me. i am dying, cause that job is my DREAM. can we phone talk and discuss this?!!!!

    also, i need more pics of your pretty face and this blonde hair!

  3. I agree with Jane and Kristine here--more pictures please!

    Also what is this new job? It sounds dreamy...somewhere all your incredible talents are put to good use? Perfect.

    And I can only hope that you and Ryan were flyfishing on the Oregon Coast...